Italian Wine
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Welcome to the dolce vita of Italian wines!

Here's our selection of fine wines from small wineries hand selected for their excellent products made by talented makers with a regard to organic or biodynamic farming.

If you are in Florence, you can pop by and see our selection (and taste some wine) at Formaggioteca Terroir in Via dei Renai 19 and we can also ship your wine selection from the shop. If you're not in Florence or for that sake in Italy, we can still ship to you! Check out our little webshop here.


  • Shipping is best optimized for 6, 12, 18, 24 (etc) bottles.

  • We ship to Europe and the US (except islands, Utah and Alaska). For any other country, please ask us and we'll enquire with the shipping company. 

  • Prices on bottles are NOT INCLUSIVE of SHIPPING (before checking out, choose the shipping to the country you're shipping to).

NB. if the wine you're looking for is sold out, shoot us an email so we can order it for you.