You won't find wines from the large commercial wineries in our selection. We select wines from smaller wineries, prevalently family-run, and of exceptional quality. We love wines that have a sort of "story" behind them and that reflect this soul in the taste - so that we may transmit to you not just what is good and wholesome but also the passion of a winemaker. 



We select with an eye on wineries that work in a sustainable way, whether certified organic or not. Wines that don't contain additives other than a minimal amount of sulfites to ensure that it'll last its due time for aging in your cellar or wine fridge.



Although we have a small airconditioned wine shop in Florence, we prefer not to sit on the wine for too long. We keep a very small stock and reorder when necessary. This means that the wines stay inside the wineries until the time we buy it in and hence ages in the best possible conditions.



We really don't care about having a huge selection of wines, as long as what we've got is great, unique and extremely tasty. We also really don't care about carrying the most famous or expensive brands. Our selection is about finding what is not so well known and what is not so easy to get your hands on once outside of Tuscany.



Shipping in styrofoam to ensure the quality of your products is maintained & insurance, of course, comes at a price - we work with MBE (on our end) who takes care of all the paperwork and does a phenomenal job (if you would like to contact them directly about a shipment this is their email: (tracking numbers, for example, are given by the shipper - in the US a tracking number will be available only after the arrival of the package inside the US).

We only ship in cases of 6 units, so 6, 12, 18, 24, etc. (but cases can be mixed and matched in the shop) 



shipping fee Italy

6 bottles = 30 euro / 5 per bottle

12 bottles = 35 euro / 3 per bottle

24 bottles = 45 euro / 2 per bottle

36 bottles = 50 euro / 1.5 per bottle

60 bottles = 60 euro / 1 per bottle

Handling & shipping time: 1 week


shipping fee US

6 bottles = 85 euro / 15 per bottle

12 bottles = 115 euro / 9.5 per bottle

18 bottles = 170 euro / 9 per bottle

24 bottles = 205 euro / 8.5 per bottle

36 bottles = 300 euro / 8 per bottle

48 bottles = 360 euro / 7.5 per bottle

60 bottles = 420 euro / 7 per bottle

Handling & shipping time: 5-6 weeks


shipping fee EU countries

6 bottles = 60 euro / 10 per bottle

12 bottles = 70 euro / 6 per bottle

24 bottles = 90 euro / 4 per bottle

36 bottles = 100 euro / 3 per bottle

60 bottles = 120 euro / 2 per bottle

Handling & shipping time: 2 weeks


shipping fee Australia, NZ, Singapore, Hong Kong or Japan

12 bottles = 180 euro / 15 per bottle

Max of 12 bottles can be shipped at the time.

Taxes may be applied in the country of the receiver and must be paid by the receiver.

Handling & shipping time: 5-6 weeks

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all whilst the grapes ripen...
the beginning of JUly until mid august to avoid the summer heat
you can still order, but expect your shipment to arrive in september

About the selection & Shipping Prices