Pinot Nero Langhe DOC 2019, Gian Luca Colombo

Pinot Nero Langhe DOC 2019, Gian Luca Colombo


The winery:

Gianluca Colombo is a winemaker in the area of Barolo and works as a consultant for wineries around. Segni di Langa is his and his wife's own production. The winery itself is in the basement and the family lives upstairs. Gianluca works in complete harmony with nature. No need to label his wines organic, biodynamic or natural. He embraces all of the above and is, rather than determining a label for what he does, in continuos search of the right balance between the vines, their fruit and the surrounding environment.


The wine:

One of the most interesting Pinot Noirs of Italy, produced in the Langhe famous for Nebbiolo and why not, a least expected Pinot Noir that has turned everyone's heads. It's dynamic wine, just like Gian Luca, and it is super well made and hence saught after.

  • SIZE

    Regular bottle (750 ml)

  • Grape Varieties

    Pinot Noir