Brut Nature "Luogo d'Agosto", Alessio Brandolini

Brut Nature "Luogo d'Agosto", Alessio Brandolini



Alessio is the young winemaker and owner of this small winery in the Oltrepo' pavese in southern Lombardy. The region has become especially known for its climatic capacity for growing Pinot Noir which is used for traditional method sparkling wines. Alessio being an independent winemaker doesn't necessarily care to follow the production rules that the larger wineries embrace. His way is to produce the best quality product in the most natural possible way.



A Brut Nature produced in very small quantities  with Pinot Noir grapes that are picked by hand. It's pleasently bubbly with notes of peaches and star anice, with a persistent acidity that makes it a perfect companion to food.

  • SIZE

    Regular bottle (750 ml)

  • Grape Varieties

    100% Pinot Nero