Prime Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil 


So origin is key to the content of the oil in the bottle. The French refer to it as "terroir" as we know it for wines, and it can likewise be transferred to the cultivation of olives. The various cultivars grow differently in various regions, and they give origin to diverse characteristics in their product. We can recognize these characteristics in the smell, taste and also overall quality.

Quality means sacrificing quantity!
Tuscany has long been thought of as one of the best producing regions of olive oil in the world thanks to a dry climate. Harvest by hand is still prevalent especially for the small producers and usually starts in mid-October when olives start to turn color, Pressing must be done immediately after harvest to maintain characteristics of the oil intact, as they contain important natural vitamins, antioxidants and wonderful aroma. 

Our Olivoglio is certified organic and is IGP!
Our olive oil comes from the orchards around the hilltop town in the Sienese hills called Montisi. The varietals used are the classical Tuscan ones called Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino. 
The certification for our olive oil is "Toscano IGP" meaning that you are guaranteed the origin of our product. It's also certified organic, so no toxic elements have been in contact with the fruit nor the soil it comes from.

From 1 medium-sized olive tree, we may obtain on average 10 kilos of olives, resulting in something like 1 litre of cold press olive oil! Talk about liquid gold! 



Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP from Tuscany in a Bottle Olivoglio. We ship right after pressing to the United States and Europe



This is probably not the first time you hear that olive oil is the best kind of fat for our organism. Monounsaturated fats are less harmful and are considered "good" fats that keep our cholesterol down. What's better than eating the most delicious thing and then it's even good for you?!?!
Contrary of what many think, they also can bear a higher cooking temperature (as they have less and thereby stronger links than the polyunsaturated or saturated fat molecules), so it's practically impossible to burn and thereby turn cancerous an olive oil in a normal kitchen. 

At this point, it almost goes without saying that the best kind of olive oil to use, is the cold press kind as it contains the vitamins and antioxidants that the non-cold press is deprived off. That's why we use the cold press not so much for the cooking (as heating it up would have the same effect of depriving it of these characteristics), but for garnishing our dishes and when we need to use an oil "a crudo" on something.

So you would use a cold press olive oil like OLIVOGLIO, for example:
- On top of bread (try to toast your bread and rub some garlic on it, maybe add a bit of salt and bathe it in oil). You can also add tomatoes and basil, and then we call it bruschetta. 

- On salads, of course. In Italy, we don't use salad dressings. All we need is an excellent cold press olive oil, a bit of salt and pepper, and maybe a few drops of juice from a fresh lemon, a good wine vinegar, or a proper balsamic vinegar from Modena.
- Garnishing every dish, as for example to finish off a plate of pasta, or a soup or grilled meats, vegetables or fish - just drizzle the olive on top and you needn't use any other sort of sauce. 

"Fettunta" is a local Tuscan garlic bread with newly pressed organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil


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