Ciao! I'm Rebecca Christophersen Gouttenoire, an avid wine lover, and together with my husband Pierre, a French winemaker, we run this small wine shop featuring some of our favourite wines and wineries. If you have been on a wine tour with us, Grape Tours, some of the bottles might be familiar - others will be a discovery.

We love to seek out small wineries and we love delicious wines, and it's exciting to taste a new wine or an unknown grape variety. Some wines taste like a thousand bucks, yet are super affordable. That's the kind of wine we search out the most.

We also feel it's important that the wines reflect the territory they come from, and also that the vintner works in an ethical or organic way.

It's a win-win if we can provide our peeps with healthy wines, and at the same time help a small vintner continue his or her passionate work out in the fields.

For our wine club we hope to expand your palate by sending you exciting and meaningful bottles. In fact, it's our wine club members themselves that keep us inspired to explore!

Help us, help the vintners, help you drink better wines!

We would love to see your posts when you receive our wines from us!
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